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Translation concerns written language and not oral language (interpreting). Translation consists in rendering a true reflection of a text in another language.

Translations are performed by a translator who uses his/her skills, expertise, experience, specific and targeted glossaries (either created by the translator or provided by clients) and, more and more, computer-aided translation tools, such as memory aids or even automatic translation.  However the latter never replaces the translator.  Even the best automatic translation software cannot structure whole sentences without errors of meaning, syntax or vocabulary and does not represent a credible alternative to a human translator. However these tools can help to speed up the translators work and optimise productivity.  Thus we could say that man and machine are complementary.

Translation comprises 3 phases:
- the calculation of a deadline
- the translation work itself and finally,rouages
quality control of this finished work.
All these phases are included in the tariffs.

Upon completion :
- the translation is controlled for quality including systematic proofreading by the translator and a third party,
- checking for completeness in relation to the original text as well as spelling, grammar and syntax.